Commercial Gym's & Professional PT's

For Commercial Gym's and or professional PT's that register with us and buy directly from the Shopify website, we as a company called "Pronimen" will provide you and your business with extended benefits.

That is:

  • A 20% Discount on all products (to help you remain competitive).
  • 60 Days returns instead of 30 Days (and longer where required).
  • Longer Extended Life Warranty (currently 30 days to 150 Days across all online shopping platforms).
  • Access to products not listed on the website.

Why register?

It's simply to clarify your professional status and all that we require is just that, clarification. We don't collect your personal or professional data, and we won't bombard you will junk mail. In fact you won't hear from us at all unless you request that, though we do from time to time (not that often) but we do try to keep those who want to be informed of new products and what's coming in, what's new, or has been re-designed.

Products not on the website

A great deal of our business stems from forward ordering, what people might call SCM (supply chain management). That is, as different clients have different specifications, for example;

A client might have a product that's bespoke to them, or one that they don't really wish the public, or their competitors to know about, or they may just want to keep their business dealings private.

What you see on the website is a fraction of what goes on behind the scenes, so if your looking to source something, or you have a long list (like an excel procurement spreadsheet), or you purchase annually under the likes of a tender, or you have your own company contract, then as sourcing is our speciality, you may wish to consider counting us in.


We respect you

We treat all our customers and clients with a respect they deserve. That is, we will respect your wants, needs and most importantly (as mentioned above) we respect your privacy.

We tend to improve already existing products, and occasionally design from scratch, but sometimes we just buy stuff straight off the shelf from factories who have already produced something.


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