Mens Deep Frequency Aftershave Fragrance, Eau de Cologne, Parfum, Toilette


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Just Arrived - Same Day DispatchSHOULD BE £69 for 100ML upwards - Sell at COST!The aftershave itself is of the highest quality, (and we do mean it's derived from the same...

Formulation: 50ml

  • 50ml
  • 100ml
  • 125ml

Type: Valiant

  • Valiant
  • Royal Blue
  • Musk
  • Royal Black
  • Silver Max
Wird erst versendet, wenn [19041994]

Just Arrived - Same Day Dispatch

SHOULD BE £69 for 100ML upwards - Sell at COST!

The aftershave itself is of the highest quality, (and we do mean it's derived from the same substances and high end quality that the top end brands use). The scented aroma gives off deep frequencies, meaning that the aftershave pulses scents which are highly receptive to our  nasal passages. In addition, deep frequency means this type of condensed aroma passes through several stages, i.e. from initial spray to several hours later the scent is still evolving. Even under the toughest conditions, the aftershave continues to pulse it's own unique scent giving the wearer a distinct aromatic enhancement. Briefed down, it is said that people cannot help but be attracted to "deep frequencies". Even if they are not aware, and cannot accurately pin-point where the attraction is emanating from, deep frequencies are said to have that positive attractor impact.   

Nevertheless, after all the great words said above and the hard work in preparing the formulas, the packaging doesn't quite live up to our own QC. I.e. From travelling, the boxes have slight scuffing, and the plastic wrapping has surface abrasions, which for most is not an issue, yet for that reason alone we have set the price at cost "for this batch only". Therefore if you purchase one of these, then it will be sealed, wrapped and packaged just like the highstreet, only you get it at less than hafl the cost.

Pass The Monte-Carlo Whiff Test

You may or may not be disappointed in the packaging, (that's a matter of personal opinion) yet no matter which fragrance is chosen, the actual scent is highly attractive

Black Musk - Was mistaken and passed off for a branded $300 USD cologne, yet its not just the black musk, any and all of these aftershaves can easily pass the Monte Carlo whiff test. In other words, while cheap perfumes and aftershaves dominate the retail industry, their scents quickly fade after an hour or so - Not with these scents it won't..... Irrespective of the packaging (which is down to travelling) you may be quite surprised as to how long and Deep these Frequencies last, and how far they go to atrract.

When they can turn heads in Monte-Carlo, and the indentity is completely concelled, one knows they have made a wise purchase.

Top Class Cologne at Ebay pricing.


50ml, 100ml, 125ml


Valiant, Royal Blue, Musk, Royal Black, Silver Max

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Mens Deep Frequency Aftershave Fragrance, Eau de Cologne, Parfum, Toilette

50ml / Valiant
50ml / Valiant