🇬🇧 Mobile Phone Gimbal (1 Axis) Video Stabiliser, Tripod, S-Stick, Bluetooth


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It's not just a Selfie, it's not just a Gimbal, and it's not just a tripod - Its Debatably the best and only single axis pro gimbal on the market - Please read...

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It's not just a Selfie, it's not just a Gimbal, and it's not just a tripod - Its Debatably the best and only single axis pro gimbal on the market - Please read the reviews, watch the video and then start making your own.



3rd January 2022 - LAST 2 remaining

From £45.95 to £25.95 FREE DELIVERY, for no other reason than we have randomly chosen this fantastic item as a sale - All orders are same day dispatch. These Gimbals were made for the UK, by British and are located in the UK. We are not competing with the cheap Chinese ones, which look the same, but are infact "very, very different", the choice is your own. Yet know that these gimbals were one of the first to hit the market, long before the cheaper copies came out, so do bear that in mind. These are beautiful and strong Gimbals that we use ourselves for vlogging, family videos and professional content creation (see our pronimen youtube vids),,,,, we will also throw in a FREE camera mount that normally costs £5, so if you have a camera or action camera etc, the gimbal head can be taken off and replaced with the standard camera mount 👍 (though do bear in mind the gimbal is for the phone and the camera mount is separate therefore not a gimbal). The gimbal is for mobile phones only which is what it is designed for. The camera mount is a free extra.

On a side note, we have used one of these for almost 2 years now and it's still one of our fav throw in the bag, go anywhere gimbals. It's inexpensive, yet durable and long lasting, and in our view it's not just a selfie - It really is a pro-gimbal.

It's Superior Quality and has a very "Sturdy 580mm Aluminium Extendable Shaft" (not the inexpensive stainless steel) which when we engineered this, makes all the difference. The alloy shaft is very strong and durable with no wobble or shake (unlike the less expensive ones that wobble and shake with the weight of the phone) yet these don't. Once fully extended they are stable - it has a 360° Anti-shake Single Axis Gyro-Stabiliser (the part that makes if different and where the costs are), c/w as mentions, a 580mm (longer than most) Extendable Tripod, S-Stick, & Bluetooth remote control.

What is a Gimbal?

The word “gimbal” is defined as a pivoted support that allows rotation of any object in a single axis... The gimbal dictates the movement of the object, not the one carrying it. In the case of the above selfie gimbal, it's used to keep the smart phone camera stabilised with no vibration or shaking effect. The end result is smooth professional like footage, though unlike the 3 axis gimbal which takes time to set up, is heavy, and larger, this single axis gimbal is quick and easy to set up, it's light (225g) and is pocket/handbag ready.  

The Differences

    3 Axis Gimbals can be expensive - The single axis is by far the most affordable
    3 Axis Gimbals take time to set up and balance - The single axis is EXTREMELY FAST and EASY
    3 Axis Gimbals are heavy - The single axis is light but strong

The first 360° degree rotatable head Gimbal, Tripod, and Selfie Stick

Apart from it being a gimbal, it's also a sturdy tripod and selfie stick with a 360 rotatable head. The extendable 4 section aluminium pole is sturdy in the sense that when placing a high end iPhone/Samsung or any other expensive smart phone upon it, even at the extended length of 580mm - it's safe and doesn't wobble.

Most selfies are made from stainless steel which is weaker and heavier, whereas this gimbal selfie is made from durable aluminium (one has to feel it to notice the difference and we do plan to do a video comparison on it) as the strong aluminium extendable telescopic shaft makes all the difference.

Once in your hand, you just don't want to give this back.

Heavy Duty Quality

The Single Axis Gimbal Stabiliser is made from durable ABS and an Aluminium extendable telescopic pole which gives it incredible strength. Unlike the average selfie stick made from stainless steel, this single axis gimbal has been designed for the quality conscious person.

The tripod is sturdy and even when fully extended (580mm) there is no wobble. Each extendable section (4 in total) has a small plastic collar to ensure extension and retraction are smooth.

The Gimbal itself (where a lot of the cost is consumed) is protected by a soft rubber like material which doubles up a the mobile phone holder.

The 360° rotating head possess the ability to snap and lock solid every 90°, ensuring very steady shots (especially when extended).

It's the first gimbal with professional and amateur design in mind and is equally at home with professionals who need a 3 in 1 (Gimbal, Tripod, Selfie-Stick), and for the amateur who needs an easy to use, durable, lightweight, low-cost 3-1.   

Remote Control

It's remote control bluetooth, easy to pair, and even easier to use. The remote is detachable, has a 2 hour battery life and can shoot 30,000 thousand photos from one charge. As the remote is detachable it can be used as a tripod, so one doesn't need to ask anyone to take a holiday or family shot. This allows you to take the perfect "stable" album, landscape, even a sports shot.

Our Gimbals are located here in the UK and you will get exactly what is in "the description" - SENT ON TIME. As a general rule they are dispatched SAME DAY, i.e.


Default Title, All Black, White & Rose Gold

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🇬🇧 Mobile Phone Gimbal (1 Axis) Video Stabiliser, Tripod, S-Stick, Bluetooth

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