About us

Who Are We?

Pronimen is a first tier manufactuer that designs and makes telecommunications products for a global operators such as B.T, Eircom, and other leading Teleco providers.

Originally born is 2003 - Pronimen made heavy duty industrial and commercial prodicts, nowadays we make both heavy duty industial and heavy duty personal products.

Why Retail?

Briefed down, Pronimen's C.O.O has a keen eye for home fitness products, gismo gadgets and personal stuff.

The goal was to provide industrial strength (value for money) items.

Our core values begin with a commitment to product, delivering the highest level of personal service (we care a lot). That is, we focus heavily on creating products that people feel happy with.

Our Core Sectors

Our core focus is on home fitness and personal items that bring value meaning and smiles to our face. Personal Health and Overall Wellbeing are key drivers for us.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike others who buy and sell, we design, tweak and manufacture from the ground up, and while this isn't always possible, it's our number one focus.
Each product that's produced has it's very own backstory, and as a general rule that comes with over 2 years pre-market history.

The Pronimen Corporate Video


Want to know more? please visit this link >>> Pronimen-About-Us

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