🇬🇧Heavy Duty 30000MAH - Charger Power Pack for Phone/Tablet/Camera/& Devices


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🇬🇧Heavy Duty 30000MAH - Power-Bank/Charger for Phone/Tablet/Camera/& Devices 🇬🇧Heavy Duty 30000MAH - Power-Bank/Charger for Phone/Tablet/Camera/Drone Batteries/& Devices YouTube Video will open in a new windowUsing the eBay App? Paste link into...

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🇬🇧Heavy Duty 30000MAH - Power-Bank/Charger for Phone/Tablet/Camera/& Devices

🇬🇧Heavy Duty 30000MAH - Power-Bank/Charger for Phone/Tablet/Camera/Drone Batteries/& Devices


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Please Read

(Ebay reviews)

It's a big battery,,,,,, 10 times the power of the average mobile phone, (to date 30,000 mah is the worlds largest legal power bank - more on that below) which makes it ideal for off grid situations such as camping, backpacking, dronies (charges drone batteries on the move), hiking, fishing, day trips out, holidays, travelling, photographers, videographers, youtube vloggers, and gamers and even down the gym etc etc.... it's for those that need lots of instant POWER. 

It's also ideal for home use in situations where there's no nearby electrical wall socket, or in situation where you just don't want trailing cables (such as sitting on the sofa, dinning table, bedtime reading, etc . 

It's also ideal for keeping your phone, iPad, or tablet topped at 100% ready for an outside trip. (no more flat batteries at work, in the restaurant or bar etc etc). 

It's ideal for the travelling in the car, train, boat, and plane, and for coffee shops (the ones who no longer allow charging from their wall sockets).  

HOW BIG IS 30000 MAH? 
The average mobile phone (Samsung or Apple iPhone) is about 3000 mah - the power bank is approximately 10 times that, so it will power a mobile phone 10 times longer than it's normal battery.  

It will charge most smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and other leading manufacturers. It will charge iPads and tablets, it will charge digital camera's like the Sony RX100 series, or the Sony A6000-A6600 series and any other digital camera that operates on 5V 2.1amp and under (which is the case for most high street cameras such as Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, etc etc - though please check your cameras input voltage to make absolutely certain). 

It will charge electric 5V 2.1amp heated vests such as those used for fishing, or workman vest etc (please check voltage requirements first. 

It will charged Bluetooth accessories, GPS and PSP's, and as the future evolves, more and more rechargeable electronic products are set to hit the market, and this power bank will charge them all (( such as the new table top food mixers, led desk lamps and any other 5V 2.1amp consumer device )). 

The largest power bank is 30,000 MAH, yet there are several advertisments elsewhere on Ebay, Amazon and other online stores at 50,000 to 90,000, even 100,000 MAH. (yet look closer into the adverts as some openly state that higher MAH's are theoretical ( Ebay advert states the following: Note: 500000 mah is a theoretical capacity from the company. You can charge 2- 5 times (depending on your phones conversion rate) at one go. we guarantee 2-3 times of charging capability.) Theoretical mah as well as suggesting 2-5 times charging rate depends upon your phones conversion rate doesn't make for logical sense.  
To compete on the Global market, Chinese manufacturers are given the freedom to regulate themselves, and to compete online they are free to keep upping the advertised MAH, from a factual 30000 to a theoretical 50000 to 90000, 100000 MAH, or even more,,,,,, yet if and when confronted often it is stated that the advertisement was a mistake, or that the MAH is simply theoretical.

Folks - It's a case of "Caveat Emptor" - Buyer beware. Please google that 

HOW DO WE ENSURE THAT THE SPECIFICATION IS HEAVY DUTY? - As a business we have been manufacturing high end industrial telecommunications infrastructure network products since 2003, 

and apply the same design and build philosophy to the power-banks. That is, to give longevity the power bank is over-engineered (typically 8-10% such as our industrial products). What you get with these power banks is a true 30,000 mah (the largest in production), you get western micro-chips and circuitry (not cheaper inferior internals). You get the highest quality industrial materials designed to last a long long time (we all want our products to last right?). This is our philosophy and the reason it costs the price it does and no less. If it was a lesser "cheap" power bank, there resides a high probability that once passed the glossy photos, inferior components have been used, or corners have been cut, and while it's not nice to outline, this is generally the case. 

As engineers first, we are out to make good heavy duty lasting products that do exactly what they say in the tin.   

These power banks are designed and manufactured by us, (see our website - there is a story behind the power banks well worth a read) all our goods are hand tested, UK stocked and shipped to you from the UK. They are priced to cover the heavy duty components (not to make profits).   

The power bank has its own internal charger (3 input ports = 1. Micro USB, 2. Lighting, and 3. Type 3 USB which come with the power bank). It charges at the same rate an average phone or iPad/tablet, i.e. approximately 3000 mah per 90 mins....... though please bear in mind that 10% charge on the power bank is equal to 100% charge on the average phone or iPad/tablet. 
From 0 to 100% the power bank would take 15-16 hours (purely because it's capacity is 30,000 mah). The smaller the capacity of the powerbank the quicker it is to charge. 

These are lovely, lovely outstanding Heavy Duty PowerBank - 30000Mah with Led screen display and an inbuilt LED flashlight/touch.   

All Black & Black/Red Weight = approximately 422 grams
Dimensions = approximately 14cm x 6.6cm x 2.7cm

Slimline Black = approximately 477 grams
Dimensions = approximately 16.5cm x 8cm x 2cm

1 x Micro Port
1 x Lightening Port
1 x USB Type C Port
2 x Standard USB Ports ( 1 super-fast 5V 2.1 amp charger and 1 normal 5V 1.0 amp charger )
1 x Charging cable
1 x User Manual 

Any questions  - Please ask before purchasing - We are happy to answer anything.    

On a side note - These are really heavy duty Powerbanks and I have used one myself for quite some time which is why we have purchased them to sell here on Ebay. They are wonderful (and can be carried onto a plane - subject to checking with your airline - though I myself have and do carry this frequently on planes )


This item is stocked and located in the UK. When you order from us, your item is dispatched sent out from here same day. As a general rule we only use Ebay's 2-3 day tracked and signed for service. That way you will receive instant tracking information and peace of mind that your delivery is on it's way.


To arrive in pristine condition - The Item will be packaged in it's original format, then placed into a courier friendly box.

Any questions - Please ask before purchasing - We are happy to answer anything.


No problem, if you buy it and don't like it - we understand the challenges faced when purchasing across the internet - if you don't like it, or it's just not for you, just wrap it back up and send it back for a refund, it's not a problem. All we ask, is to buy with good intent.
Any questions - we are on hand to answer 6am to 9pm 
Manufacturer Colour

All Black, Black Red, Slimline Black

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🇬🇧Heavy Duty 30000MAH - Charger Power Pack for Phone/Tablet/Camera/& Devices