PRO Fitness Bar - Heavy Duty 800g Foldable Flexible STRENGTH Bar (Home & Gym)


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HEAVY DUTY PRO 800 gram 5.6Hz Custom Made Version - Not Normal 500 gram 4.6HzThe Item now sells at close to cost price for no other reason than - It's amazing...

Model: Black Pro Flexi Stick

  • Black Pro Flexi Stick
  • Red PRO Flexi Stick
Ne sera pas expédié avant [19041994]

HEAVY DUTY PRO 800 gram 5.6Hz Custom Made Version - Not Normal 500 gram 4.6Hz
The Item now sells at close to cost price for no other reason than - It's amazing value
This Bar is the MADE FOR THE SERIOUS ACHIEVER - It's unique materials give it the high strength, flexibility and longevity. It's designed to last a long time - please read the reviews of others who have used this for a very long time - It's durable.
In Brief: 
  • A bar that oscillates in your hand
  • PRO-fessional version
  • A multifunctional training product
  • Endurance training
  • Coordination training
  • Body stabilisation
  • Movement stability
  • Therapy Fitness
  • Spiritual Fitness

Native UK Seller / The Flexi Swing Stick Fitness Bars are stocked locally in the UK (normal high street warranty applies)

Flexi Pro is excellent for Power Training, Gym, Home Gym, Gym Fitness Exercise Yoga Workouts, Pilates & Therapy

Made from FibreGlass, Rubber and Steel, which in real world application is very flexible.
These Oscillating Bars are designed and constructed using a highly advanced manufacturing process.

It's Flexible Bar (also called a swing stick) that you hold in your hand and shake back and forth - The movement makes the bar flex therefore oscillate to what's called a Hertz Vibration.
It's a multifunctional training product that can be used by everyone, i.e. all ages, sizes etc. 
It can be used for toning, strength training, general fitness, as well as for vibrational Hertz therapy. I have used one of these since 2011 and can verify its an essential item in your home gym fitness kit. 
It's a calorie cruncher. 

The bar starts to vibrate with just a small amount of hand movement (when extending the forearm). After this, the Bar keeps vibrating through slight movements (the same as when swinging, where it is also the case that slight movements have to be made at the right time). The more rigid the arm as an energy carrier, the greater the amplitude and therefore the more intensive the training. The duration of the swing depends on the power, stamina and coordination of the user. 

According to "TheConversation" Web Site: Whole body vibration therapy was initially developed for athletes to improve the effectiveness of their training. Vibration platforms would be included in some regular conditioning and gym exercises such as squats, press-ups and step-ups. The therapy is undertaken by standing, sitting, lying or doing exercises on specifically designed equipment that oscillates. The theory is that the vibration signals are transferred into body tissues, tendons and muscles, which increases muscle contractions and ultimately improves muscle strength, co-ordination and balance. In the long term, such contractions would increase muscle mass and energy expenditure, leading to better control of blood sugar levels. Current theory also suggests bone cells are sensitive to this vibration and respond by increasing bone density. This has a further impact on better sugar control.

As we understand it, there are other Flexi Bar's on the market - BUT NOT LIKE THIS PRO. 

Other Bars - It's closest rival costs £94 (see picture in the album above)
Other Bars - Athletic Version is 746g 152.5 cm and 4.6 Hz - This Bar is 800g 160 cm and 5.6Hz 
Other Bars - Are Fixed (cannot easily travel) - This Bar separates in two for easy foldable storage  (please see pic)
Why is this bar different? Because it's designed for a user by a user. The bar is designed and manufactured to do the job. That is, be durable, to go the distance, be portable, home friendly, one size to fit all, and most important - be cost effective, affordable and be VFM (value for money). 

  1. Fixed bars are 160CM is length/height, whereas foldable bars can separate for easy travel and storage.
  2. Fixed bars are considerably lighter, whereas foldable bars are heavier therefore higher Hz.
  3. Fixed bars have an elongated handle which means the bar can be used at 2 angles, whereas foldable bars are round and can be used at any angle.    
P.s Due to it's turned steel parts, the foldable bar has a slight vibration click felt through the handle - This is normal.   

This bar is a real all-rounder for fitness, strength and therapy – from stamina training to coordination training to body stabilisation to movement stability. The oscillating bar is used in fitness for cross training, HIT training and cardio, and strength training for arms, triceps, shoulders, back, lats, and core, and in therapy for all back and joint treatment

The really nice thing with this bar is that it can be used by everyone, i.e. all ages, sizes etc. Whether your a light usage beginner, or a heavy duty gym pro - this one bar covers it all. 
If your training from home, this is one item I would not have considered, but after using it for 8-9 years, I wouldn't be without it. 


Black Pro Flexi Stick, Red PRO Flexi Stick

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PRO Fitness Bar - Heavy Duty 800g Foldable Flexible STRENGTH Bar (Home & Gym)

Black Pro Flexi Stick
Black Pro Flexi Stick