Fat Burning Lower Back Support Brace/Belt (Veidoorn®)


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JUST ARRIVED - SAME DAY DISPATCHIts not just a belt - Its a FAT BURNER Veidoorn Key FeaturesPremium Material - Unlike other waistbands which are 100% Polyester, this waistband is 70%...

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Its not just a belt - Its a FAT BURNER

Veidoorn Key Features

Premium Material - Unlike other waistbands which are 100% Polyester, this waistband is 70% Nylon + 30% Polyester - What does that mean? It's ultra light, breathable, non-sweat supportive and it can be comfortably worn all day.

Corrective Posturing - Sewn into the backside are 8 X flexible Springs + 1 X central Steel support (see photos) the importance of which means central spinal support while allowing the backs muscular walls to flex - What does that mean? Less pain, more flex.

Fat Burner - Aside from back support and corrective posturing - Long term the thermal material/construction of the waistband will greatly assist with decreasing accumulated and unwanted belly fat. Worn all day, both at home and at the gym, in the garden, outside walking, working etc, the waistband not only makes you look slimmer, it helps to re-pattern cellular memory. What does that mean? Imagine you wear a normal trouser, skirt or dress belt and after many months and years you begin to develop a definite mark/tyre around the waist (the outline of the belt). This waistband has a similar effect. i.e. The waistbands thermal properties and corrective posturing lead to an overall belly fat reduction - That is, once the fat is burned, the stomach begins to remember it's reduced size and when removed, the bodies own cellular memory retains this new slimmer shape.

Who is it Designed For?
Designed for athletes, weightlifters and pain sufferers - Suitable for Everyday Activities such as gardening, cleaning , exercising , golf, fishing, heavy Lifting , office, bus drivers and chauffeurs, heavy manual labourers, sport, fitness,  daily Wear -- Effective natural relieve for pain caused by sciatica, scoliosis, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, strains & sprains , osteoporosis, and loose ligaments.

How To Use it

1 - At home/office/general - it can be worn all day throughout the day for corrective posturing, arthritic/general pain relief, and belly fat burning.

2 - Gym - It can be worn during the gym as generalised support for most exercises, i.e. deadlifting, rows, curls, etc and doubles up as a catalyst to burn fat and due to the nature of the nylon and polyester material and construction of the flexible springs, and central steel support. It's flexible, breathable and comfortable to wear.

On a side note - As a seller, we have used these for a very long time (several years) and can verify along with a supportive diet, results from the waistband have been impressive. Instead of traditional velcro, this waistband uses High Quality Injection Hooks (5-8 times longer life than velcro).

Waist Sizes

Medium - 32-35 inches (81-90 CM) APPX
Large - 35-40 inches (91-100 CM) APPX
Xtra Large - 40-44 inches (100-110 CM) APPX


Medium, Large, X-Large

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Fat Burning Lower Back Support Brace/Belt (Veidoorn®)